Ho Chi Minh real estate market reverses sharply in Q3-2016

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    Survey HCM real estate market Q3-2016 by simply CBRE Vietnam revealed often the housing supply in some sector segments decreases significantly within the third quarter.

    Accordingly, inside Q3, the market welcomes a total of 8, 016 new apartments from 23 jobs, including 13 brand new types and 10 others a number of previous sales phases.

    CBRE says the figure declines 17% quarter-on-quarter and down 27% year-on-year. New supply of typically the medium segment dominates industry with about 68% regarding total. The luxury segment will take the second place with 29%, with apartments mainly through projects Millenium in Region 4 and Ha Accomplish Centrosa in District 15.

    Meanwhile, although stench coming from Da Phuoc landfill will be stifling residents in Phu My Hung, this area continues to see a large number of apartments presented for sale from 7 tasks, accounting for 44% of total new supply inside the third quarter. CBRE declared South Saigon is the main point attracting both buyers as well as investors.

    East Saigon rates second with 24% of recent apartments offered for sale through the quarter. Currently, new availability of the East mainly aims at in Binh Thanh Section with outstanding projects regarding real estate giant Vingroup.

    Apparently, even though the number of apartments launched is less than the figure associated with previous quarter, sales goes up by 32%, equivalent to 7811 units, a decrease of 2% year-on-year.

    The medium section remains good performances exceeding 4, 000 apartments purchased from the third quarter, making up through 50% of the total gross sales.

    Regarding price, according to CBRE, market in the third 1 fourth records average asking price involving $2046/ sqm, up second . 1% quarter-on-quarter and four. 6% year-on-year. In particular, method segment sees the highest price increase of 7% covering the previous quarter. Besides, typically the newly-launched projects also record higher prices than the common price of Q2-2016.

    In arena of future supply, CBRE forecasts in the next 4 quarters, the market will welcome 45, 000 new apartments. For instance , an urban area venture in Can Gio District will contribute a large number of apartments rentals to the market.